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Keep reading to see what is included.

Included in the Starskills Club Premium Bundle are 50 of my best Resources! Please click through each tab to see what is included. When you buy this you will be able to LOGIN and download your resources.

  • GEtting started with eylf
  • EYLF
  • Linking learning to eylf

My EYLF Templates

EYLF Templates with Weekly Symbol

EYLF Display Posters


The Starskills Club has a great 15 Online Video series explaining the EYLF. This PD is included in the Premium Bundle where you get this PD, Printables & Templates  and the Starskills 40 Weeks Program.

 You will be able to LOGIN and watch this Professional Development. Below is a screen shot of what it looks like on the inside. You will simply login, click on the tabs and watch your videos at your own pace in the comfort of your home or anywhere!

This PD was created with simple examples that you can implement.

EYLF Explained PD Outline

  1. Introduction to EYLF
  2. Principle #1 Relationships
  3. Principle #2 Partnerships
  4. Principle #3 High Expectations & Equity
  5. Principle #4 Respect for Diversity
  6. Principle #5 Ongoing Learning & Reflective Practice
  7. Practice #1 Holistic Approaches
  8. Practice #2 Responsiveness to Children
  9. Practice #3 Learning through Play
  10. Practice #4 Intentional Teaching
  11. Practice #5 Learning Environments
  12. Practice #6 Cultural Competence
  13. Practice #7 Continuity of Learning & Transitions
  14. Practice #8 Assessment for Learning
  15. How to Plan using the Learning Outcomes

Children benefit when their routines and experiences at home and in their early learning setting are similar and supportive of each other. This 40 Week program is designed for you to  build a strong link between your care and home. 

Included in the Starskills Club Premium Bundle is this great program for Babies, Toddlers & Preschoolers! Please click through each tab to see what is included. When you buy this you will be able to LOGIN, download your resources and watch the video each week.



     I created  Starskills when I was working full time as a Kindy teacher. Thinking there must be a better way! My hearts desire has always been to spend time with my family and not be overwhelmed with teaching. I love teaching but my family is more important to me and they are my priority. I created a place for all my printables and quick set up resources that I can simply flick through as I need them - helping and saving time. The EYLF PD is the training I wish I had! So often PD is not practical and does not have examples of "HOW DO I DO IT?" You have the training online in the Starskills Club to do at your own pace in the comfort of your own home when it is convenient for you. Finally the 40 Weeks program I created to provide greater continuity and partnerships with parents - it is like a bridge between the early learning setting and the home. I hope you love the Premium Bundle as much as I love it!  I hope you will feel less stress and more organised than you have ever been.

         Ruthie  Starskills Club Creator


     This Bundle is my ‘go to’  for activities and resources. I use the 40 week program throughout  our transition to school program, and then for the first few weeks of Kindergarten for continuity. This allowed the students to feel comfortable and confident in their learning. I recommend it to anyone working in an Early Childhood setting or Infants classrooms. Being a newbie to the EYLF the training provided me with the knowledge of the policy. These enabled me to program activities that best suited the children’s learning needs. All the templates, proformas and posters made setting up the classroom a breeze. And it looked amazing. The children love the activities too!

         Bronwyn  Teacher

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